big dildoNowadays in the market it is possible to find Dildos of all kinds, with different designs, sizes, colors, materials. The manufacturers of Erotic Toys strive to manufacture them for all audiences, and adapt well, to any of their needs.

In this Post we will talk about how to practice sex with dildos, and their sizes, from what is considered small size, to the larger XXL sizes.

The first thing we need to know is that a Comforter is that Erotic Toy with phallic design and does not have vibration. As a general rule these have a real design, with testicles, veins, glans, wrinkles, well reproduced.

We call Realistic Dildos, those that are skin-colored, natural, mulatto or black, or Semirealisticos, those that are not skin-colored, without taking into account the materials, we only differentiate them by color.

big dildo for women


Before buying a dildo it is important to have clear measurements, so as not to make mistakes it is advisable to take a measuring tape to get a real idea of ​​the measurement. On the other hand we must know the difference between what is insertable measures to the total length, if our dildo in the lower part has a suction cup, testicles, this will have insertable part since it is only inserted to the top of the testicles, Be clear that the measurement from the axis, means the insertable measure. In addition, it is necessary to be clear about the difference in width of what is a circumference and what is a diameter. When we say measure of the circumference we refer to the measurement of around, this is measured by taking a meter and measuring the total circle, when we say diameter, we refer to the measurement from side to side of the article, without turning the meter completely.

It is also important that you notice that many of them in the boxes the measure indicated is American measurement of inches, which is not the same as the measure of centimeters, in all descriptions is indicated in centimeters, if you are not clear about the measures, you can send us a mail by clicking on questions about the product.

The sizes vary a lot, we can find a

Small Consoladore: That its measures will oscillate between 15 centimeters in length, with a width of 2’5 cm approximately, this type is considered of small size, very recommendable for beginners.

Medium Dildo: These are the standard size, the most common, can range from a measure from 15 cm, with a width of from 3.5 cm / 4 cm.

Big Dildo: Everything that goes from 20 cm with a width of from 4 cm / 5 cm is considered big.

Giant Dildos: They are those that oscillate within a range of measures 20 cm with a width width of from 5.5 cm.

inflatable dildo


To use a large Comforter you have to consider several issues. Now women with dildos will have it even easier. Although it will also be very easy, find a dildo for men.

It is not advisable to use Giant Dildos, if you are a first-timer, because probably instead of being something pleasant it will become annoying. It is more advisable to start with sizes from lower to higher.

It is important that your body is relaxed, to enjoy a pleasurable penetration.

If you are going to use it in anal relations, it is recommended that you choose one with a conical design, that is, smaller in the upper part and bigger in the lower part.

For relationships with Anal Dildos, you can use a relaxing anal, to ensure maximum comfort, and avoid discomfort. Anal Relaxers contain dilators, so you do not feel pain in your intimate relationships to use it with your Sex Toys.

It is vital to use a lot of lubricant, use the most appropriate for each material. Thanks to the lubrication it provides, the penetration will be more pleasant, and easy.

silicone dildo


In our Dildos shop inside the Penes Actors section you can find some great Dildos. These are molds taken from the bodies of porn movie actors worldwide, who have lent their anatomy to make replicas of exact penises, available in natural white, mulatto and black.

This type, are very appreciated for The Male Consolers, since some of the actors are gay erotic movies.

The prestigious brand in Erotic Toys, Black Thunder, presents the big black dildo of the porn actor, an exact replica of his body. With the curved end, ideal for massaging the G-spot, it has all the details well reproduced, with soft touch but without forgetting the rigidity necessary to enjoy a real penetration. At the base it includes a powerful suction cup so that you can adhere it on a flat surface and do not have to use your hands. Its size is XXL 28 cm x 5.5 cm, and its lubrication is a must.

Another brand offered by Consoladores Grandes is Pipedream in its well-known King Cock line, you can find it with quite large sizes with 27 cm insertable measures with a width of 6.6 cm. The material of its manufacture is very real, with the great advantage that is Dual Sensity, with a fleshy layer on the outside, it is soft and semi soft on the outside, without forgetting the rigidity necessary to enjoy a pleasant penetration. It also has the advantage that it has the suction base.

curved dildo


Before buying Big Dildo, it is important that you measure it, with one centimeter, only then you will be correct when making the Purchase of a Dildo. In some cases you can see in our SexShop, a picture of Dildo with a soda can next to you, to get the idea of ​​your measurements, but if the item is alone, without being able to buy it, it is difficult to get an approximate idea of ​​its size .

It is important that you bear in mind that you can use Dildos as a couple or in solitude, the idea of ​​using it in solitude is wrong.

Remember that if you are a beginner in this type of binoculars, it is most appropriate to start with a normal measurement, such as for example 15 cm with a diameter not exceeding 3.5 cm, it is more important to take into account the diameter measurement, since the length measurement, you can decide the penetration, on the other hand the diameter is not possible to change it.


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